JBL JUMP FEST takes place at the “mobile” arena in the second largest city of Slovakia, in Košice.

Where is the JBL Jump Fest arena?

Our unique arena is located in the historic center of Košice on Alžbetina Street and Hlavná náměstí. Right nex to the iconic Cathedral of St. Elizabeth. This cultural monument is one of the easternmost and largest Gothic cathedrals in Europe, and during the JBL Jump Fest it creates a stunning link between sport and culture.

The exact location of the arena

How long does it take to build a arena?

Approximately 36 hours will pass from laying the first part of the track to the state where the athletes can compete. The construction includes: installation of a long/triple jump track and landing pit, sprint track, high jump track, installation of stands, installation of cameras and audio equipment, and construction of the staff zone. Dismantling is considerably shorter and takes about 12 hours. In total, we manipulate more than 35 tons of material.

What is the capacity of the stadium?

The grandstands on Alžbetina Street, where the long jump and triple jump take place, can accommodate approximately 1,500 spectators. The stands and the area on the Main Square, where the high jump takes place, provide space for about 500 spectators.

Does the track meet the world athletics regulation?

Before the start of each edition of our meeting, all of the tracks are measured by a certified referee, which is approved by World Athletics and a technical delegate of European Athletics present directly at the event. All of the performances achieved at our meeting are therefore according to world athletics rules.


Equipment for long jump and triple jump

  • The telescopic track for LJ and TJ is 55 meters long
  • The board for the long jump is 2 meters away from the sand pit
  • The board for the triple jump is 13 or 11 meters from the landing pad
  • The sand pad is 9 meters long and 2.5 meters wide
  • The telespocic track is covered with the MONDO surface, the most famous manufacturer int he world
  • The take off is measured by using a vertical camera system.

Equipment for HIGH jump

  • Elevated U-shaped track for HJ
  • Length of the track is 33 meters.
  • World athletics certified landing pit 600 cm long, 400 cm wide and 70 cm high
  • The track covered with a top-quality surface of the MONDO brand

Equipment for SPRINTS

  • The telescopic sprint track is 80 meters long
  • Athletes are competing in 60 meter and 60 meter hurdles sprint.
  • The track has 3 lanes
  • Same MONOD surface as most of the Olympic stadiums has.


Take a look at even more photos of our facility.

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