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Thanks to JBL Jump Fest, several other projects started up.


The last indoor track in Košice (coincidentally airdome too) collapsed in the late 1980s. However, thanks to our JBL Jump Fest, after more than 30 years, Košice athletics got its roof over their heads.

In cooperation with the city of Košice, we managed to initiate the construction of the air-supported facility on the premises of The Elementary School of  L. Novomeský 2. There, you can train and compete in 7 athletics events: long jump, triple jump, high jump, pole vault, shot put, flat and hurdle sprint. We contributed by providing the equipment on which the world’s athletic stars compete every year at our JBL Jump Fest.

The ground of the facility is covered with the top surface of the Mondo brand, used in Olympic stadiums. The sprint track  is 54 meters long and has up to 17 lanes, of which 10 lanes can be selected for the competiion. A distance of 50 yards is used for the competition.


JBL Jump Fest ramp v Dánsku

When in 2021 the Danish Olympic Committee approached us for the first time, we had no idea that our jumping ramp would bring at least as much joy to Slovaks as to Danes. Every year, the DM Ugen project brings together all national summer sports championships in one place at the same time. The small, or rather the 55-meter long Jump Fest jumping track was an important part of it.

The organizers of DM Ugen decided to place part of the athletics championship on the shore of the Danish fjord in the city of Aalborg. In 2022, long jump and triple jump were part of the program, and a year later pole vault and shot put were added. Our track and our team did not miss at any of these unique championships. Even for the pole vault, the Peter Návesňák’s team made a completely new segment that we have not used in Košice so far.

The entire equipment traveled more than 1500 km to Aalborg by truck, while our team chose the more comfortable and especially time-efficient option by plane. We are already looking forward to further Danish adventures.


Every proper festival includes a rich accompanying program. In addition to the children’s competitions and the program for non-pro athletes, we prepared a certified course for the coaches in 2023.

The honored guest and lecturer was a coaching legend Henk Kraaijenhof. The Dutch expert gave a lecture to more than 20 coaches on the topic of “Testing and training of explosive power in sprints and jumps”.

Many great athletes have passed under the hands of Henk Kraaijenhof. Among the most famous names are: Nelli Cooman, Merlene Ottey, Mary Onyali, Sandra-Farmer-Patrick, Troy Douglas, Olga Rypakova, Hermann “Herminator” Maier or Juventus Turin footballers.

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