Frequently asked questions

If you still did not find your answer, don’t hesitate to contact us via info@jumpfest.sk

No, Elite category is by invitation only. Athletes get invited by the manager of the meeting. Email: peter.samuelis@jumpfest.sk

For the Open category you can register via Roster Athletics platform.

Yes you have to meet entry standard. Current entry standards can bye found in the current meeting info section.

No, organize does not cover any travel and accommodation costs for the Open category.

Events in the Elite category are the main events of the meeting. This category is by invitation only. Elite events are most likely part of the World Athletics Continental Tour. Organizer is covering all of the travel and accommodation costs.

Events in the Open category are part of the pre-program. Registration for the Open Categroy is available via Roster Athletics platform. All of the registered athletes have to mee entry standards. Organizer does not covery any travel nor accommodation costs.

If the athlete cancels his start until the deadline, it will be fully refunded to his bank account or as a Roster Athletics credit There could minor transactional fees based on your credit card provider.

Warm up is near the arena in the designated area. The day before competition it is possible to warm up at a sport facility of ZŠ Laca Novomeského 2. Just befored the competition in the designated area near the arena. You can jog righ in the park next to the St. Elisabeth’s cathedral. Call room for the field events are 40 minutes before the start, so athletes can continue their warmp in the arena.

Yes the long jump, triple jump and high jump track are always measured and certified before the competition by the main referee and the World Athletics representative.

Entry is free.

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