June 19th – 20th, 2024
Events: Long Jump – Triple Jump – High Jump

Meeting info

Jumpfest Elite category
Jumpfest open category


JBL Jump Fest is a unique event that takes place in a breathtaking location right in the city center.


What did the athletes tell about our unique meeting.

JBL Jump fest is a unique event that allows athletes to experience the support of spectators and fans at their fingertips, so to speak. I always look forward to the JBL Jump Fest precisely because of the wonderful atmosphere and the mentioned closeness of the audience.

2020-09-10 JBL JumpFest-083
Ján Volko European Indoor Champion 2019

I love JBL Jump Fest for its atmosphere that the organizers can create for both the spectators and competitors.

Radek Juška
Radek Juška Silver Indoor ECH 2015

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