The civic associations Atletika Košice and Kreatívna Atletika stand behind the JBL JUMP FEST project.


atletika košice o.z & kreatívna atletika o.z.

In 2016, the founders of the civic association Atletika Košice organized the very first city athletics meeting right in the historic center of the city of Košice, as an effort to promote athletics and spark the passion for this sport in the city. Over time, the JBL Jump Fest project has become a celebration of sports and it brings athletics to the people as close as possible. It may be considered a pioneer of street athletics in Slovakia.

The association Atletika Košice is actively involved in coaching the next generation of athletes. Currently, it has more than 250 members. Young promising athletes together with their parents are an essential part of the meeting organization. In addition to the JBL Jump Fest project, The association Atletika Košice is also the organizer of the Chocolate spike in Slovakia, the largest sprint event for children in Central Europe. Finals are part of the famous Golden Spike meeting in Ostrava. The association Kreatívna Atletika was founded in 2023 with the purpose to further develop the project.

Why The St. Elizabeth Cathedral in Košice?

danka and janka

The twins, who devoted their whole lives to athletics, are originally from the village called Pača in the Rožňava district, but as athletes they grew up in the city of Košice. JBL Jump Fest is not only a celebration of athletics itself, but also a celebration of the rich and extremely successful career of Danka and Janka Velďáková. Thus, no other city than Košice could become the home of Jump Fest.

GOThic jewel

If you talk about Košice, many will think of the dominant landmark of the city, the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth. In this metropolis of East Slovakia, you would not find a more iconic place than this. It is not only admired by tourists from all over the world, but it also never ceases to amaze the locals. We are forever grateful to the city of Košice that for a few days every year, we can book this most unique spot and build our athletics arena on it.

Jump Fest pred Dómom sv. Alžbety


Athletics enthusiast who are behind the organization of the event. Do you want to join us? Send us an email info@jumpfest.sk

In the begining it was an intention to get athletics discovered by children and adults from Kosice. This was fulfiled more than I expected and today I think that this event is definitely something it will live further even without us.

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Stanislav Návesňák The founder of the meeting stanislav.navesnak@jumpfest.sk

Always wanted to be a part of making athletics fun and inspiring. Experinces of athletes and spectators are extra ordinary, unforgettable and it motivates me to make JBL Jump Fest better each year. Bonus is that all of this is happening in city where I was born.

Peter Samuelis The manager of the meeting peter.samuelis@jumpfest.sk

I am an active fan from sofa perspective 🙂. Beautiful event in the center of my beloved Kosice and athletics enthusiasts, enthus me to be part of the team as well.

Dana Kladivová The director of the meeting dana.kladivova@jumpfest.sk

JBL Jump Fest is a special competition in the city center. It was my first experience to triple jump on such a surface. I am grateful that even more athletes can experience such a great atmosphere.

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Dana Velďáková The ambassador and the Kids category director

Jump fest is my favourite from the very beginning. Unforgettable moments, great atmosphere, quality performances – these are things which JBL Jump Fest can be proud of.

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Jana Velďáková The ambassador and the Kids category director

Long jumps, great atmosphere, unique place and social spillover of the whole event. JBL Jump Fest is literally project, which is connecting all of the areas I love.

Filip Dittrich The director of the Open category filip.dittrich@jumpfest.sk

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