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These tips should help you to get to our meeting quickly and safely and have a pleasant stay in our city. Košice is the 2nd largest city in Slovakia and it has almost 250K inhabitants. Each year our city hosts second oldest marathon in the world. Kosice Peace Marathon with 12K runners cruising around the city center is quite spectacular experience.

How to get to Kosice?

The most strategic airports close to our city are Budapest (265km), Krakow (266km), Warsaw (530km) and Vienna (500km). International airport is directly in Kosice as well.

Direct flights to Kosice

Down below find the list of airlines flying to Kosice.

How to get from Kosice airport to your accommodation?

We will try to help athletes and coaches competing in the Open category to get from Kosice airport to your accommodation. Let us know your flight details to and we will be there to pick you up.

Or you can use alternative ways of transport:

  • Public Transport Planner – Bus No. 23 (from airport to Nám. Osloboditeľov)
  • Bolt – Taxi – we are definitely recommending you to download Bolt app and order your Taxi which costs approx. 6-9 EUR (airport – city center)

How to transfer from strategic airports to Kosice?

Easiest way is to book a transfer or take the bus. Down below find the list of carriers from Budapest, Krakow, Vienna airport to Kosice.

Where to stay?

The best way to enjoy your stay is to book accommodation as close as possible to our arena. Down below you can find accommodation tips in different price ranges. Most of them are in walking distance from the arena. If you would like to go on your own try or

Arena is situated here

Basic range close to the arena

Higher range

Low cost range

Email:, +421 55 602 5838

24,50 € night/person

Email:, +421 (0)55 602 5865,

29,50 € night/person, 24,50 € night/person in 2 bed room

If you have any questions don’t hestitate to contact us via email:

Useful information can be also found on our social media accounts:

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