19th and 20th June, 2024
Events: Long Jump – Triple Jump – High Jump

Meeting Info

JBL Jump Fest Elite events are by invitation only.


Events in the Elite category are part of the World Athletics Continental Tour Bronze.
June 19th – High Jump Men
June 20th – Long Jump Women, Triple Jump Men


This category is by invitation only. For questions regarding invites and entry standards, please contact the manager of the event.
Manager: Peter Samuelis
Whatsapp: +421918975774
Email: peter.samuelis@jumpfest.sk


1st place – 1000 €
2nd place – 600 €
3rd place – 400 €
4th place – 300 €
5th place – 200 €

Meeting record – Sepcial JBL gift


Slovak tax is 19% on prize money. In case of athletes or agents coming from countries where Slovakia has not a double taxation agreement, it is 35%.

closest airports

Kosice, Slovakia

Budapest, Hungary

Krakow, Poland


Hotel Zlatý Dukát**** just 300 meters away from the arena.

All you need to know about arena

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