19th and 20th June, 2024
Events: Long Jump – Triple Jump – High Jump


This competition is set for the registered athletes who want to get the street athletics vibe. JBL Jump Fest Open is competition that will occur before the main programme of the street athletics meeting JBL Jump Fest, which is a part of the World Athletics Continental Tour Bronze. Competition is set for the athletes 15 years and older.


June 19th – High Jump Men and Women
June 20th – Long Jump Men and Women, Triple Jump Men and Women


Atletika Košice o.z., Kreatívna atletika o.z., mesto Košice, DSI Slovakia s.r.o.,

Meeting director: Filip Dittrich
Technical delegate: Peter Samuelis


Men and women born in 2008 and older.


June 19th – High Jump Men and Women
June 20th – Long Jump Men and Women, Triple Jump Men and Women


Entry deadline – June 5th 2024 20:00 CET

€20 per athlete until the end of March

€30 from April 1st

Payment via the Roster Athletics platform.

Starting fee includes:

  • Official JBL Jump Fest T-shirt (please insert your size to notes in registrations)
  • Exclusive discount for athletes up to 50% off on JBL products
  • Discounts in chosen local restaurants
  • Sponsors package


If the athlete cancels his start by June 5th, the entry fee will be refunded on the Roster Athletics portal either as credit or back to the bank account. In some cases (depending on the payment method), the refund may be reduced because of transaction fees. After June 5th, refunds are at the discretion of the organizer.


Accommodation and travel expenses are not covered by an organizer.


Athletes will automatically be selected for the competition, if they meet the following criteria:

1. Meet the Entry standard (evaluated based on PB) 

2. Paid entry fee (payment via the Roster Athletics portal) 

3. Available capacity on the start list

Technical delegate has a right to select athletes based on their past and current performance.

entry standards

Long Jump6.50 m5.40 m
Triple Jump14.00 m11.70 m
High Jump1.70 m1.50 m
In the case of Slovak competitors or in the case of free capacity, the technical delegate has a right to select athletes who does not meet entry standard.


Long Jump1515
Triple Jump1515
High Jump1111


In the horizontal jumps each athlete has 4 attempts. The top 8 athletes then have 2 additional attempts. In the high jump athletes have 3 attempts on each height.

Each athlete in the jumping events will have a chance to pick a song of their choice to cheer them up during their attempts. Athletes will be asked via email.

Competition will occur on the special telescopic runway (including high jump) built in the city center of Kosice underneath the st. Elisabeth´s cathedral. Warm up will be available near the arena.

warm up

The day before competition it is possible to warm up at a sport facility of ZŠ Laca Novomeského. The day of the street meeting warming up directly in place of the competition.


Results will be available online on the Roster Athletics platform.


Winner of each event will receive the prize from the name partner JBL.

Technical regulation

Triple Jump – 11 m board for women, 13 m board for men
High Jump Men – starting height 170 cm, raising till 210 cm by 5 cm, then by 3 cm
High Jump Women – starting height 150 cm, raising till 170 cm by 5 cm, then by 3 cm

Time table

June 19th – High Jump Men and Women
June 20th – Long Jump Men and Women, Triple Jump Men and Women

Exact timetable to be cofirmed.


In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at registration@jumpfest.sk

Or take a look at the most frequently asked questions.

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