JBL Jump Fest Academy with Henk Kraaijenhof


Are you ready for the launch of JBL Jump Fest Academy? We are adding brand new educational program to our meeting. Our first host will be coaching legend Henk Kraaijenhof. We can’t wait for the packed certified course on the topic “Testing and training for explosive strength in sprinting and jumping”.

Where? UPJŠ University and JBL JUMP FEST arena, Alžbetina street, Košice, Slovakia

When? June 7th 2023 from 9.00 to 18.00

Price ? 180 EUR* / personPrice does not include meal consumption.

*150 EUR for the JBL Jump Fest participants (coaches and athletes)

Course program

The course consists of theoretical part and practical demonstrations of specific exercises.

The course will be in English and translated also into Slovak.

The course graduates will receive a Certificate endorsed by Henk Kraaijenhof,  presentation from the theoretical part and videos from the practical part .

The course will be in English and translated also into Slovak.

Contact and reservations: Miriam Katočová, Anna Wintermans academy@jumpfest.sk  

Capacity is limited. Registration deadline is May 31st.

Register via this link

Who is Henk Kraaijenhof?

Henk Kraaijenhof (1955) started as coach in sports in 1975. He became 3 times national champion in the 400m and ran 100m in 10.5 secs and 400m in 47.4 secs. Right from the start he had the opportunity to work with elite athletes at national and international levels in many sports.

Characteristic is his quest to discover  the limits in human performance of his athletes. He has been an accredited coach at 5 Olympic Games (1988, 1992, 1996, 2000 and 2004).

He is a high-profile coach who has his own integrated and well-founded vision on sports and human performance.

Sports in which he works or has been working on at least national level:

  • Athletics: Nelli Cooman, Merlene Ottey, Mary Onyali, Sandra-Farmer-Patrick, Troy Douglas, Patrick Stevens, Letitia Vriesde, Mohamed Al Malki (Oman), Olapade Adeniken, Ronell Rosier, Olga Rypakova and many others.
  • Swimming
  • Soccer (Juventus Torino, Grasshoppers Zurich)
  • Alpine skiing (Hermann “Herminator” Maier)
  • Rugby (English, Irish and Welsh national rugby teams)
  • Volleyball (conditioning-coach for the men and women Dutch Olympic teams)
  • Field hockey (men’s Olympic team)
  • Handball, bobsleigh, judo, tennis (e.g. conditioning coach for Mary Pierce)
  • Golf (consultant to Padraig Harrington)

He is also famous for his lectures:

  • lecturer for the Royal Dutch Track and Field Federation (AU) 
  • lecturer for the IAAF (Olympic Solidarity)
  • nutritional consultant for Juventus Torino
  • mentor and lecturer for the Master Class-program of the Dutch Olympic Committee
  • lecturer for the Biofeedback Foundation of Europe
  • consultant to the Kazakhstan Athletic Federation

Amongst the topics which Henk excels in: nutrition and nutritional supplements, strength and power-training, innovations, stress and stress management, brain functioning, doping, planning and periodization, testing and measuring, etc.

He also annually organizes the international seminar “Helping the best to get better”.

7 books written by Henk:

  • Orthomolecular Nutrition in Sports (course) (Dutch)
  • The Art of Performance (Dutch)
  • Vibration Training for Fitness and Health (Dutch)
  • What We Need Is Speed (English)
  • Methodology of Training for the 22nd Century (English)
  • Stress en vermoeidheid (Dutch)

Register via this link

Organized by company F. Sajkov s.r.o.,UPJŠ University.

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