WHAT DO ATHLETES LISTEN TO? a playlist of songs picked by competitors


Some events allow competitors to pick a song of their choice to cheer them up during their attempts. We want the athletes to feel as good as possible with us, so from the very beginning JBL Jump Fest has been one of such athletic meetings.

JBL jump fest open category is unique

Song of a choice is already a standard for specialized high jump meetings. However, it is not standard for athletes to be able to choose their favorite song in the pre-program. It was in 2023 that we gave such an opportunity to all athletic enthusiasts who started in the pre-programme, i.e. in the JBL Jump Fest Open category.


For inspiration, but also for listeners, we put together all the songs of the competitors from the last year and placed them in a playlist. Just press play and enjoy.

Do you want to compete and you favorite song will be on?

In each jumping event, there will be an opportunity to pick a song of your choice to cheer you up during your attempts. So don’t hesitate and sign up.


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