You could say it’s a competition for the athletic nerds, says the new director of the JBL Jump Fest Open, Filip Dittrich


Just a year ago we launched the JBL Jump Fest Open project, which is actually a pre-program of the main competition. 40 athletes from 15 countries came to Košice in 2022. It was pretty clear that the Open category has potential. Newly the project has a new director Filip Dittrich, the 2-time U23 Czech champion in triple jump. We asked the successful and still active triple jumper what he would like to bring to the event from his new position as the director of the JBL Jump Fest Open.

When did you hear about JBL Jump Fest for the first time?

I am aware of JBL Jump Fest since the very beginning. It’s the kind of competition that you  can’t miss on social media. And you see yourself competing there and wondering what it could be like. The very 2nd year I had the opportunity to participate in the triple jump in the Elite category. I also had the opportunity to try long jump once in the national program and last year I was triplejumping in the newly created Open category.

What convinced you to become a director of project JBL Jump Fest Open?

I would say my belief that every athlete should experience what I have experienced here! My desire to connect people! For the last two years I have been involved in a small way in the organization of the meet. This gives me a little bit different perspective. Then when an offer comes along and you can be directly involved and change things, you don’t turn it down.

Who can sign up for the JBL Jump Fest Open and how?

Any registered athlete over 15 years of age may enter. Registration is open on the Roster Athletics platform. However, due to time constraints we are forced to limit the number of athletes per event. For the technical events we generally limit to 16 (high jump 12) and for the sprints to 15 athletes.

Note: Registration link can be found at the end of the interview.

What is the difference between Open and Elite category?

Elite category is by invitation only for world class athletes. This category has been around since the beginning of the JBL Jump Fest and it should be the most interesting for the fans. Unfortunately, the capacity is very limited…

That’s why the idea of creating an Open category within Jump Fest was born. This extends the opportunity to experience JBL Jump Fest to a much wider field of competitors. This category is for athletes who are willing to travel at their own expense and arrange their own accommodation. Any registered athlete over the age of 15 is eligible to enter. This is a competition for the enthusiastic athletes, pure athletic nerds.

What can competitors look forward to this year?

This year we have a couple of new things forOpen. For the first time Jump Fest will host high jumpers (Open category)! Also, Open competitors in the jumps will be able to pick a song of their choice to cheer them up during their attempts, which I personally love. It’s pretty special for the triple jumpers and long jumpers.

As part of the Open entry package, competitors can look forward to our awesome t-shirts and JBL products at great prices in the JBL JUMP FEST STORE. I also believe that for a lot of Open athletes this year, it will be a treat to watch the Elite, and then possibly have the opportunity to take a photo with the Elite athletes, possibly chat with them.

What are you personally looking forward to the most?

I am looking forward to the upcoming year as a whole. But if I had to highlight something, it would definitely be the triple jump in the Elite category. I am an active triple jumper myself and triple jump has always been my heart’s passion. Moreover, the provisional start list looks very interesting. We have confirmed many + 17 metres triple jumpers. I’m really looking forward to it….

What are your future ideas?

I see the Open category as a unique project. I don’t remember something like this and I am glad that there is interest from the athletes. Last year athletes came from all over the world which is amazing and this year looks no different. The social aspect of the race is also important to me. The opportunity to connect and bring together athletes from different parts of the world is amazing. I see a few things in this area that I would like to incorporate in future years. And of course, we can add some events (shot put, pole vault).

Can you somehow describe under what circumstances you would consider the competition a success?

For me, the most important thing is the competitors and the experience they will take away from Košice. The fact that someone travels thousands of kilometres at their own expense is unbelievable itself. For me the biggest achievement is if after the whole JBL Jump Fest athlete will feel like it was worth it and that they would like to come back again.

Enter the competition here

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